I love a good comeback story, so I always root for the Royals signing a bunch of cast-offs--like, a BUNCH--and then hoping they can bring them back up to quality play. Part of that, I suppose, is that there haven't been a lot of good storylines to follow with a slew of bad teams in a row, but mostly it's just my addiction to rooting for underdogs. It mostly didn't work out last year, and some of those cast-offs ended up standing in the way of young guys getting playing time, which was dumb and shouldn't have happened. So I guess I should qualify my "bunches" opinion with a rule that these guys should never be kept around for long unless they represent a marked improvement over what they potentially have available and can be part of a three to five year roster plan.

This is all a very long-winded way of saying that I hope they sign a bunch of these guys if they can get them cheaply enough and they aren't clogging the 40-man.

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How we evaluate possibilities…….I like that segment. Can go all day on it really. See, I’d like to get away from the can they get us to 80 wins mentality as an organization to be honest. And we have seen this all the time. For example, they bet on having the talent as you mentioned. They were proven wrong, but with no consequence. Now, I’m hopeful with the new scouting director some more changes or coming, but doesn’t sound like this year. But besides, Witt Jr, Salvy, Vinny, and Ragans, nobody has really proven themselves on this roster and we can even look at Vinny (injury), and Ragans (injury, length) with a little skepticism. So if Cantrill, or Yarbrough (proven that he’s better than anyone we have), or Meadows, or Senzel, or Lewis are better than what you have now. You have to pick them up in my view. It’s fine that you didn’t last year. Year of evaluation…essentially starting over that’s fine. But they are to the point as an organization and a front office that you have improve everywhere you can and get to 75 wins first…then take the next step.

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"But I don’t think the criteria for a good signing is that they’re simply better than what is on the current roster because the current roster kind of stinks. That’s just something that rolls around in my head from time to time and I hope I articulated it well here."

Totally agree, and, yes, you did a good job of articulating the point. Thanks for touching on the Quantrill availability; I was curious what you thought of him.

On a much wider view, he's an example of why things have been so quiet. This entire offseason is going to be defined by the RSN fiasco and how teams affected by the Bally's/Diamond bankruptcy respond to the loss of revenue. Cleveland didn't just get rid of a guy who may or may not be worth a roster spot; they got rid of his ($6.6 million) salary at a time of major financial uncertainty.

Aggressive teams will see this as an opportunity to shop at the fire sale; others will be conservative and either not participate in free agency or (like Cleveland) dump players no one expected them to DFA.

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You think the royals are one of the teams interested in Jonathan India? The .350 career OBP has to be intriguing. I can’t remember exactly but I know India was mentioned as a trade candidate mid season, and weren’t the reds interested in Singer at the deadline? Would 1 for 1 a good deal or should one of the sides be looking for more?

Sorry for asking something totally unrelated to the article but saw they were shopping India so I wanted to ask.

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Good breakdown as anyways, really appreciate the good content, it seems you have cemented yourself as The Royals offseason content! Lol. I agree with Tracey, the TV deals concern me..

The TV deal with the ballpark and an attempt to sign Bobby concerns me even more. I just don't see Sherman and JJ spending much even in the second tier of FA. The farm and MLB team are nowhere close. But, they obviously know that and I love that they are spending on a Scouting Director, Analysts, Development director, hitting coach etc!!

Glad to hear they were in on Canha. I think trades is where they can make impactful additions and I agree, I really hope we see something soon!

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