I'll be right there, too. Just like last Friday night, my radio buttons are going to get a workout switching among the KU game, the weekly high school game, and the Royals.

It's quite lovely that they get to face Houston six times in their last 15 games. And maybe that last series at home against the Yankees will determine whether the Evil Empire has a winning percentage that begins with "5" or "4."

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So I really, really, really hate multiple “evaluation” years. I get it, IDK what you want them to do next year. But hopefully they phrase it something else. Idk how you change the phrasing to basically mean the same thing, but they need too. Nobody wants to hear you need another year to evaluate these guys and basically say they still don’t know what they have. I get its only a play on words, but I’ll take that play on words. Lol.

Yeah I’m in agreement. All I really want to see is going after pitching, and then going after pitching, and then going after pitching again this offseason. I do want to say…I don’t want to hear about innings eaters either. Get pitchers that can actually pitch. I don’t get too worked up about Lyles, but if the best we can get is a career 5 era guys to come in…….whoof. Someone we need to get some guys that are legit league average. I’m not even asking for studs. Mahle interests me a bit. Some injury risk there but he’s a league average pitcher when healthy.

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Obviously we need to go after pitching. If they add a bat bc they get a great trade scenario, fine.

Do you think we can really get the pitching we need just through trades. I feel like Sherman is going to have to spend the money & go after a minimum of two mid-level starters, and do something to stock up the pen. Do you think he’ll do it and how much do you think he’s willing to spend ( just generally).


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