It was very frustrating watching Kowar. I know that is easy for a fan to criticize..... but don't they teach and practice things like location and how to not tip your pitches (Lynch) in the minors? Rhetorical questions aside, I expect mistakes and nerves from rookie pitchers making their debut, but I don't expect a guy who has thoroughly dominated AAA to look so lost. I expect occasional location problems. I expect some hard hit balls because of those location issues but not a freaking melt down.

We've had two guys now who are counted on to be part of a bright future look 100% totally and completely unprepared and lost. Kowar knew what to expect. His best buddy has been there for over a year now. Hes good friends with Lynch too who just went through it. I would have been OK with him getting hit around a little bit but to watch the complete lack of command had me yelling at my TV. I dont understand why he was so mentally over matched. Its the same game he's been playing for years. Throw strikes, stay out of the middle, trust your stuff and let the chips fall where they may. Frustrating.......

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