Before Wednesday's game, their extraordinary struggles w/RISP seemed to come from being overanxious at the plate. It was as if they were taking Hud's brainless advice to "GO UP THERE HACKIN'!" far too seriously, especially in those situations. No, I don't think that they literally take Hud or his opinions seriously, but they might as well have been doing so.

But Wednesday night they found a way to be selective, but also aggressive when appropriate. I'd like to see a whole lot more of that approach and a whole lot less of the Hud approach!

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Appreciate the content, as usual David. I live in Dallas and was at the game last night (and Monday's dud), and man was it nice to see good pitching, good hitting, and a dominant win. Bobby running wild was an added bonus as he is so much fun to watch on the bases. My wife remarked that she'd be into watching a lot more games if they play like that more often (wouldn't we all!). I guess I kinda forgot that sometimes your team just makes it look easy, but what a treat to see it come together last night, and at least a glimpse of what could be...

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Good writing and ideas as always, thank you. And great call on offense to come on!

It is kinda nice to have a day off after a great win as I am still in early season-watch almost every pitch- mode. Is Massey coming around? MJ seems to be getting a bit better every game and thankful to see it.

I was a bit nervous about Pasquatch at beginning of season too, but this might be a beast we will get lucky to keep

I really wonder how many bases BWJ can steal if they occasionally get a comfortable lead. I am on the record (along with my 80 win prediction at end of ST (yikes) - as saying BWJ gets 40 this year.

I had said to give Dozier a couple weeks at least, but seeing how long it has taken to see others come around, I will begrudgingly give him 2 more even. But maybe mgmt already made up mind to "got to go"?

I still like Lyles and really like Reyes, and kinda think maybe keep JBJ around for certain situations once Waters comes back, but depends on how he looks. Also liking Oli and Nicky, idk something seems to be possibly clicking as a true team there. Go Royals!

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Games like this will become more common as things progress. I can feel it. No analytics required. Or I’m just a homer idiot.

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