Great stuff! Roster building is always fascinating to me too.

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I love this article! I have been fascinated by the 40 man roster since last fall when I knew the college pitchers from the 2018 draft would need to be added to the 40 man roster. So I did a mock 26 man roster for 2022 and worked from there. Rather than posting it, I'll make my points quick.

I believe Tapia and Payamps will be the 2022 bullpen versions of Holland and Davis. Dayton Moore is really good at pulling relievers out of the recycle bin but I think these two represent the usual minor league contract, low risk reliever he usually signs. He just got them in 2021 instead of the off season.

I would DFA O'Hearn and Fox. I don't think they will cut Junis or Alberto. I also believe McBroom will be a cut given the plethora of catchers that need AB's at the DH spot and the development of Vinnie Pasquantino.

I also think this is probably the first year all of our Rule 5 guys are more better than the field. I err on the side of caution and protect up to the 40 man limit. One less cut but one more spot filled has us both at 7 players added.

My first 4 are no brainers - Coleman, Martin, Melendez, and Pratto. I do not know the rules on a Rule 5 that is undergoing TJ surgery and how/if he can be on a MLB team's IL all season but assuming it can happen and we would lose him, Bowlan is my no brainer #5. That still leaves two spots. I would probably go with Heasley and Cox as they are the two I have read about the most and in the most promising light. I wish I could say I have seen them play and have an in depth analysis but I don't. I would love to keep Blanco too but given his age, I feel like you could find a FA outfielder with a more certain outcome than speculating on Blanco.

Only real difference is I kept Heasley instead of Blanco, cut one less player, and used the full 40 man roster instead of going to 39.

What do you think? BTW, that was a fun exercise!!!

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Roster construction and Dayton Moore make me nervous. There are so many players on KC's 40 man roster who don't belong - Davis, Holland, Dyson, Santana come to mind. Gallagher should not be resigned with KC catching depth on the way. Coleman, Pratto, Melendez and Witt are no brainers - Yes Witt - he'll be starting SS in 2022. Of the pitchers, I'd protect Coleman, Cox, Bowlan, and Heasley. No protection for the rest of them. While I like some of the qualities with guys like Hicklen or Martin, if a team wants to select them and keep them, so be it. Blanco is 28 and in AA. Agreed that Dayton does good job with relievers which is why keeping Holland, Santana and Davis is crazy. Omaha has several guys who could serve in their roles and I'm sure KCR will pick up scrap heap guy or three.

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heasley Just had a game where he went seven innings of five hit baseball and no runs

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