My opinions for the uncaring universe to disregard:

Nick Pratto has too much swing and miss.

Isbel seems to have a decent idea of the zone but he got killed taking two strike inside fastballs that caught the inside corner. A better two strike approach would help. Not sure whether he's fixed that or not.

Bobby Witt seems like what you dream of, super athletic ability and more importantly the drive to be the best. One of the best chances for the Royals offense to be significantly better is Bobby turning in a huge season. More walks, tons of XBH. 40-50 steals...

Bubic- the slider looked very good the other day. Mixed feelings on starter/reliever. If he adds an effective slider, sure seems that along with a good change up, he can be an effective SP, but absolutely we've seen that added mph to his fastball increases its effectiveness a LOT.

Great story with CJ Alexander, George Brett talking him up on the broadcast and then him later crushing a HR. Reality.... he's 26 years old, hasn't progressed past AA, and while he did show some power last year, still had an overall OPS of less than .800, in part due to low walk rates. Until last year, he hadnt shown much power. Unless he turns in a big season at Omaha and or NWA this year, let's just say I have my reservations, beautiful swing or not.

Massey- I really like his swing. Definitely a make or break season. Comparison to Jason Kipnis if his career pans out, with likely a lower walk rate but hopefully more ISO.

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It’s great to hear the scouts’ opinions, both positive and negative. Thanks for sharing. It’s easy for us for form our own but hearing more objective analysis helps to filter out bias (both positive and negative!)

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I like what I'm seeing and hearing about the Royals...and then the experts chime in and throw cold water on my hopes and dreams. I do trust those folks, of course, to know MUCH MORE than I do about KC and the rest of the league. I'll keep hoping Dozier is an all-star third baseman this year...Chapman is the Rolaids Fireman of the Year...and Bobby is the A.L. MVP...and KC makes it to the the ALCS. When is the last time you saw "Rolaids Fireman of the Year"? :)

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I think that baseball must be the reason that "spring" is smack dab in the middle of the phrase "hope springs eternal." I would never question the validity of your observations and I almost always agree with them. However there's this voice in my head that keeps saying "yeah, but..." every time you make another point.

That probably comes from being old enough to remember listening to their very first game on the radio in 1969, and all of the disappointment, with brief exceptions, that has ensued since then.

I genuinely hope that you're right about this "new approach" stuff. I'm just not quite ready to drink that Kool-Aid yet. I really hope to be proven wrong!

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I think I may have mentioned this but I do like hearing what you are hearing from scouts both good and bad. As you mentioned, one of the hards parts this time of year is that I probably won’t catch and spring games. So I don’t get to see for myself until the season starts. And in March….everyone is talking up everyone it seems like. So hearing Heasley has looked awful, Lynch has been ehhh, and Bubic looks great but thought is he is a reliever now in his mind is very interesting to me. Hearing that side of it has me believing the positive side more on these other guys. I know you probably hear that all the time but it isn’t helpful to the story. But its interesting to hear in March when not everyone can get eyes on the games.

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I’ve been a Royals fan since 1972 and I’ve watched them have great springs only to roll over and die when the season started. Something feels different this year. They’re putting runs up early and if the other team gets ahead they pound back. I’ve been a Bubic fan for a while. Of all the pitchers who will benefit from aiming for the heart of the plate and letting natural movement take it from there, it’s him. I also have a soft spot for dozier, I really hope he gets it together. He just reminds me of a working class kinda player. Regardless of who makes this team and what their role is, I’ll be watching. I’m a Royals fan living in Yankee country and I can’t wait for a 2015 repeat. I love my boys!

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Thanks for your opinion! Disappointed in Cuas and his pergola. Maybe he was a one year wonder. Same with Heasley. Maybe time will improve. Singer did not throw well in the WBC. that could be lack of spring trading. Watching Bobby hit for team USA, he seemed to be waiting and the ball getting deeper in the zone. Going to center and right, witch is good to see. Don't know about you, but I'm excited!

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