David, I love reading Inside the Crown and agree with your comments. Heasley was brutal in Goodyear against the Reds. Isbel, in addition to looking better at the plate, continues to get tremendous jumps on the ball in CF. I was sitting just behind him in Goodyear and he is off at the crack of the bat. He camped under and caught a ball hit to the warning track in center, while the Red's CF'er totally whiffed on a similar ball that Tolbert hit a couple innings later. Kowar was meh against the Dodgers. The two HR's he gave up were absolutely crushed. I don't know if the batters pick it up or not, but as I sat behind 3rd base, it is obvious to me that he reaches back for something extra on his fastball versus other pitches. Major leaguers love 96-97 mph fastballs right down the middle. BWJ looks great and Cuas has impressed to-date. I didn't see Franmil's long HR, but he hasn't looked great to me on several strikeouts. Maybe that's what you get from a guy with his power (similar to Soler). Finally, Duffy hitting cleanup gives such a Tampa Bay vibe, and I think that's a good thing!

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I commented before on Keller. If he has turned things around, I still don't see a future with him. I say this because, until I see the Royals open up their pocket book, I believe he is gone by years end.

I must say I do like Keller. For the first 3 years with the Royals he was one of the only bright spots in our starting rotation. I would have no problem if they decided to try and keep him. However the Royals don't spend the kind of money it would take to keep him if he turns things around. For all the talk of spending money by Sherman, none has really taken place since he got here.

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Brad Kellers Career Timeline:

2018-Good (one hit wonder tho)


2020-Good but short sample size




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I think I trust your scout more after hearing you say they said Heasley has been brutal and Kowar hasn’t been very good. I just get leery of hearing scouts say only really positive things on people without the other side sometimes. Hopefully Keller has found something, I’ve moved on as a fan with him but if the royals can move him for anything at the trade deadline then fine. It was fine to bring him back. I just don’t see this story extending with Keller and the Royals after this way no matter what happens. Brining him back on a one year deal is whatever to me.

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Mr. L, I seem to remember a few years back that the cutter was THE pitch in MLB. Now it seems to have faded significantly in favor. Am I wrong? If it has faded, why?

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Keller will be fine with the right coaches. Like most of the other royal pitchers he couldn't get the ball over the plate and also like the others his pitches were too high in the zone. I actually blame a lot of the pitchers problems on the catchers. Perez has always set up too high or out of the zone. People wonder why KC's pitchers walk so many. Most of the time they're hitting the catchers glove. I could never figure out why with the count 3 and 2 the catcher would set up 6 inches off the plate. You get Keller back over the plate and pitching down he'll be OK. I watched lynch the other day. Same thing. Everything up. I just don't understand why they can't get the ball down. There's only 2 or 3 pitchers on this staff that can throw a decent slider. A real slider does not start above the batters head and drop to the center of the Strike zone. It starts at the knees then hit the plate or right above it. Hopefully these new coaches can teach these guys. They're at the point where they're not really all that young anymore. 25 26 years old they should be getting it by now

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Oh, that Keller. I'm hoping for the best with him and you are getting me to start believing in the lad.

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Thought your call a few weeks ago on Keller being in starting rotation might be off, but that's why I keep reading - because you know much more than I do.

If he keeps it up it is a good conundrum for mgmt to have! Hope we get a couple extra wins in the meantime

I am in on Duffy, but mostly because I want to say "DUFFMAN" out loud. At 32 and prone to injuries, I wonder how long I get to say it, but looking good right now

Do you have a gut feeling on Kowar? If you are too busy with baby bowels I understand no reply :)

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