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It's a sad commentary on how much our expectations have been lowered when winning one out of three games from the Angels kinda almost feels like a "victory" of some sort. Probably has something to do with the fact that the Royals are on pace to go 37-125 now.

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I don't think anybody at all expected the Royals to win when the pitching matchup was Ohtani vs VMG (Various Miscellaneous Guys.)

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Didn’t watch a single inning this weekend so thanks for the recap. At least the players you want to do well had decent weekends. Problem is just looking like those are the three we can hope on but not much else on offense. You are pulling out the draft prospects early!

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I’m wondering just how much of this season and it’s record is due to the strength of our opponents. It’s seemed like it’s one tough series after another. Twins. Blue Jays. Rangers. Braves. All are legitimate postseason contenders. The teams we’ve played well against, the Giants and Angels are a little closer to middle of the pack. I know you play who is in front of you but it is just something to keep in mind.

Also, Q has made some really solid moves, like having Chapman mow down Trout/Ohtani/Rendon in order and then walk off the mound like he has the biggest **** in California.

Isbel is leading the league in defensive WAR. Witt’s D has improved. Duffy is a great bench piece that Q is putting in position to succeed. Pasquantino has an OPS north of .850 and is on pace for 31HR. Salvy has positive D WAR. MJ looks good again.

There are positives. This is a season about figuring out what we have.

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Thanks for the good read, I am guessing not fun writing lately. I have kind walked off the optimism cliff and hanging on near the pessimism gorge (although call me crazy but they don't look "bad?" and I can still see a good young core in there)

The recent record also has me considering the future (which is when I find myself in a crag at the bottom of the gorge)

So lets say we offer Ohtani a billion dollars next year to come play for 7 years - would he come? I was very encouraged that we might look like a serious future team this year, because that might encourage some better players (especially pitchers) to come on board. But why would any great pitcher who wasn't ending their career or resurrecting it want to come to KC now? We wonder why we can't be Tampa Bay (which took them ?ten years to get to), but I am guessing the majority of twenty somethings would much rather be in a great climate, yet alone at a contender?

Based on managements comments we need good pitching to win. So we desperately need to obtain 2 good FA starters this fall. AND cross our fingers neither get hurt. Seems like a pipe dream as the money to do this would be a crazy bet for even the deepest pocketed teams. So my uneducated bet is to go for pitching prospects, get lucky, make great trades, and hope to be decent 4 years from now

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