Who could it be?
The young outfielder spent much of the season in AAA, but the changes were obvious when he came back to the big leagues.
When the Royals promoted Daniel Lynch, it was supposed to be the start of something, but then he had to be demoted. What changed when he came back and…
The Royals head into this off-season with some decisions to make on who to protect and who to expose to the Rule 5 draft.
The craziness of free agency before the lockout might lead to a souped up trade market after it.
So far, things have gone about how I predicted. Let's hope that continues.
The Royals shortstop finally showed what everyone wanted in 2019, but can he keep it up?
15 players who play in the Royals system who I think are better than anyone else in the Royals system.
The Royals' farm system is MUCH better than it was just a couple years ago, even with a good chunk of graduations.
The CBA expired and now we wait.
Every year, I look at the top free agents and predict where they'll go. Every year, I'm way off the mark.
A free agent frenzy like we've never seen before happened over the last few days and the Royals have sat out. Is that okay though?